For us it was so important to choose the right pre-school for our son to attend.  We had gone to numerous open houses and just none really felt like the one for our child.  When we went to meet with Mrs. Renee not only was she so welcoming but we knew that it was the right choice.  At home we speak to our children in Spanish so for us it was important that he grew his language and communication skills as he would be learning English in pre-school.  Mrs. Renee along with her staff surpassed our expectations.  We are so content with the progress that our son has made and feel confident that he is off to an excellent start as he moves on to kindergarten.  We thank Mrs. Renee for her hard work and dedication, for her time to always reply to any emails or questions promptly.  We are excited to send our 2nd child in to her 3yr old program as we know that he will also have much success as our older son did.  We 100% would recommend Preschool 101 to anyone.  We wish Mrs. Renee & Preschool 101 continued success!

Thank You Mrs. Renee & staff God Bless!

Darling H., Parent

I moved to Panorama on December 2015 so I started looking for a preschool for my 4 years old son (Adrian).  Luckily for us we found Preschool 101! For my son, it was a really nice experience.  I can tell he was so happy learning there and so sad when school was over.  Mrs Renee and her staff are really professional and gentle teachers.  My son stayed there for a few months but I noticed how much he improved his skills and abilities.  He is more confident now and ready for the next step, KINDERGARTEN!!

I just have to say Thank you Mrs Renee and her team for being a part of our child's education!  Glad we meet you...  All the best From The Family Guerrero!!

Many thanks again for helping us with Adrian.


Carolina P., Parent

"We had the privilege of having Renee as my sons preschool teacher two years in a row. In this time my son grew in social skills, communication, and knowledge. Renee's open door policy allows parents to help and participate in their child's learning process. Due to the solid foundation Renee provided my son in his three and four year old program, I have confidence he will not only be successful in years to come, he will thrive!"

Rose L., Parent


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一个好的 Preschool 老师是对孩子非常重要的。 Ms. Renee 最令我开心的是她会说流利的中文,无疑就令我和老师之间有更好的沟通以及减少了心底那份无形的压力。正因有共同的语言,我可以更好的了解我的孩子在学校的状况。Ms. Renee 总是一直能和我保持着紧密的联系和良好的沟通,令我明白到孩子的需要。她不反是一位好老师,而且她对待这些小孩还像对待自己的子女一样。因为从儿子的言谈之间我可以知道孩子有多喜欢这位老师。他每次去上 Preschool 总是很积极、有无比的兴奋;这些看在我的眼里,我真是感到非常的高兴。我的儿子能在这样的环境下学习,这对他在以后的学习以及成长路上有着相当重要的影响!