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Ms. Rhonda (Guest Teaching Assistant) shows her passion for working with children from volunteering with various children’s programs in Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, South Africa, and Uganda

​She is a certified Child Development Assistant.

Ms. Lisa (Guest Teacher) graduated in England with a Bachelor of Education Degree with a Minor in English.  She was an Elementary School Teacher in UK for 11 years prior to moving to Canada.

She is a Child Development Supervisor and holds an Interim Professional Teaching Certificate.

​​Ms. Renée, Principal Educator & Teacher 

She was born and raised in Ontario, Canada.  While growing up, Ms. Renee knew the importance of having a good education and her passion was in early childhood education.  After graduating from high school, she pursued her dream of becoming a preschool educator by attending Seneca College to obtain her Early Childhood Education Diploma (Honours) and Bachelor of Arts Degree at York University.  

Renee moved to Calgary with her husband and started a family.  After becoming a mom of 2 children, she continued to upgrade herself.  Renee obtained her Legal Assistant Diploma at SAIT Polytechnic and Child Development Supervisor.

​​Ms. Conina (Guest Teaching Assistant) graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor's Degree majoring in Economics; she is also a certified Child Development Assistant.

Ms. Helen was employed at a day home and subsequently joined our preschool in 2016.  She is a certified Child Development Assistant.

Besides English, Ms. Helen is proficient in Cantonese. 

​​​Ms. Dianne graduated from the University of Calgary specializing in the field of Special Education. She has also been certified a Child Development Supervisor

She teachs children from kindergarten up to junior high.  She also worked with children in ESL and those with special needs.  


Preschool 101 Inc. in Calgary is a proud member of SAPTA