What are some of your snack suggestions?

At Preschool 101 we promote and highly encourage your child to bring nutritious snacks. We are a peanut/tree nut free facility and encourage you to leave those items to enjoy at home.  We also do not encourage chocolate, candies and chips.

Some suggestions are (but not limited to):

- fresh fruit (sliced apples, cut grapes, sectioned oranges, banana, strawberries, melons, etc.)

- fresh vegetables (cherry tomatoes, celery sticks, carrot sticks, sliced cucumbers, etc.)

- yogurt , yogurt tubes, cheese strings,

- cheese & crackers, granola bars (with a nut free symbol), soda crackers, whole wheat crackers, rice crackers

How do I register?

Please visit our website for information.  Most of the required information is available on our website; including our registration form.  However, we encourage you to contact Ms. Renee to make an appointment for a tour of our facilities and to submit your child’s application. 

Although we are proud of and stand-by our high standard of education and are confident that we can help your child get ready for Kindergarten or higher education; however, we want you to be totally confident and comfortable with our philosophy and preschool environment. 

Why “Preschool 101”?

We deliver wonderful learning experiences to our preschoolers. 

Our philosophy and high standard of education is evident by looking at our 5-Star reviews and ratings on Google and Facebook!

What are your office hours?

Our Office Hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1:30pm-3:30pm.

*Please note that ALL doors are locked during class hours.  This is to prevent disruption to our students.

** Preschool is closed on Public Holidays and Weekends; except for OPEN HOUSE.  Please check our website for our OPEN HOUSE schedules

Is your preschool licensed?

Yes.  We are a licensed operation under the Alberta Child Care Licensing Act and have received respectable annual inspections set by the Alberta Child Care Licensing Regulation.

When can I start to register my child at the preschool?

You are welcome to register your child year-round subject to space availability.  Please contact Ms. Renee for details and inquiries.

At what age can I enrol my child in your preschool?

Your child must be between 3 to 5 years-old to attend Preschool 101.

What qualifications do the teaching staff have?

ALL of our teaching staff at Preschool 101 are qualified Preschool educators.    We are all certified by Alberta Children and Youth Services as a Child Development Supervisor or Child Development Assistant.  All of our staff comes to us with many years of early childhood education experience.  Check out our profiles for more details.

Do you have a resource fee?

No, we do not charge a resource fee.

What is my child required to bring to preschool for each day of class?

- Labelled backpack
- Labelled indoor shoes
- Change of clothing (shirt, pants, underwear and socks)
- Labelled bottle of water (no juice or milk please)
- Nutritious snacks (nut-free/tree nut free only, please do not send candy or chocolate).

For information regarding:

Alberta Human Services, Child Care Subsidy:



We are proud to be partnering “I’m For Kids Team”; an Early Intervention service provider approved by Alberta Education for PUF, Mild/Moderate and English Second Language services.  Their team offers screening programs in our preschool for all eligible children at the beginning of September.  They will screen Speech, Language and Gross/ Fine Motor.  They are specialized in offering support for behavior, anxiety and other areas of concerns parents may have.  There is no cost involved to families for this service.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to contact us?

Ms. Renée is directly involved with the daily operations and education curriculum of the preschool.  You are welcome to reach her by:

Email at:
info@preschool 101.net
Private message via Twitter:
Private message via Facebook: 

When can I drop off and pick up my child?

Our main door will be unlocked 10 minutes prior to scheduled class time. Teachers will be opening classroom doors for class start and dismissal promptly at the scheduled times.

If you need to pick up your child while she/he is in class, please let your child’s teacher know during drop off, email the preschool or call the preschool to leave a voice message.