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Our Vision

Allowing preschoolers to grow all their areas of development from a balance of self-guided play and teacher instruction. 

Our Values

Respect and Acceptance
We see each child as an individual who will learn, grow and develop at his and her own pace. 

Recognizing that no two children are alike, but they all are "perfect" in their own way.

Safety and Security
Children will feel safe and secure when they can trust the educators during their time at preschool.

We embrace Diversity as we recognize everyone is different.

Our Philosophy

At Preschool 101, we provide a foundation of learning through play.  "Play is a 'laboratory' in which children can be active explorers of their own environments, active creators of new experiences and active participants in their own development." (Quoted from: Child Development: Its Nature and Course, 3rd Edition. Lillard A.S. (1993). 

No one teaches a child how to play; it is done naturally.  As teachers, we guide the children through play by implementing programs that are age and developmentally-appropriate, which then allows children to think about how to manage various situations.  ​


Our Mission

To provide a safe and caring environment where children develop their passion and get excited in learning through play, and staff are empowered, engaged and valued.


Preschool 101 Inc. in Calgary is a proud member of SAPTA