Class Begins/ Quiet Reading/Library Time ...

for children to unwind and focus and be ready to have fun and learn.

Snack Time...
taking a break to socialize with peers and promote independence.

3 & 4 year-old (5 days/week)

[ Monday to Friday ]
S1* 8:30a-10:45a
S2* 11:10a-1:25p

2019/20 Preschool Program

Story Time...
listening to the teacher tell a story about the theme and to think about how it relates to the world around them. 

 3 year-old (2 days/week)

[ Tuesday & Thursday ]
S1* 8:30a-10:45a

S2* 11:10a-1:25p 

*** Preschool 101 offers year-round registration ***

Please call Ms. Renée at (587) 353-8101 for fee information and to submit your registration form

Arts & Crafts/ Freeplay Time ...
to recreate crafts demonstrated and guided by teacher (following instructions), usually focuses on developing creativity and specific fine motor skills.  Freeplay allows the children to explore the room and play while learning on their own under the supervision of the teacher and teaching assistant in the classroom.

A Day at Preschool 101!


Movement Time...
to be exposed to movement and/or music, both freedom of movement and instructed movement will be applied.

4 year-old (3 days/week)

[ Monday, Wednesday &  Friday]
S1* 8:30a-10:45a
S2* 11:10a-1:25p
S3* 1:50p-4:05p

Circle Time ...
to learn about theme decided by teacher, usually involves singing songs, calendar, weather and craft demonstration.